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De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Is All Your Politicians Want To Say to You

They are MEANINGLESS but you simply believed them.

Last night I was in the airport to pick my kumpare who is going back to reality. Going back to reality because his vacation in Manila is over. lol

As I was waiting for him to come out from the door of the airport, I was seated with a young Filipino couple.

The wife holds their sleepy young son. The boy’s head is comfortably rested in his mother’s right shoulder while the father lovingly brushes his hair.

The sleepy boy then lifted his head and turned to his father, “Yes baby, sleep ka pa ha. Lolo is not coming out yet,” said the father.

The door opens. The father stands up to check whether the Lolo is among the passengers. As he sits down, the young kid extends his hand to his father saying, “de dodo.”

For us Pinoys, we know what that means – he is hungry and he needs his milk.

Early in the moning today, I was watching a youtube video of Sting live in Manila. And mind you, what the boy has just said is exactly the song which I googled the lyrics so I can sing along with.

Poets, priests and poiticians
Have words to thank for their positions
Words that scream for your submission
And no one’s jamming their transmission
‘Cos when their eloquence escapes you
Their logic ties you up and rapes you.

De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do, de da da da
Their innocence will pull me through
De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you

De do do do, de da da da
They’re meaningless and all that’s true

What I just saw in the airport made me realize that:

The song is not meaningless.

Between the boy and the father, the ‘de do do, da da da ‘ means so much more than asking the father a milk. It is a language of love.

For the Kupal politicians the ‘the de do do’ is not really meaningless when said eloquently. It spells magic.

For the even more kupal pinoy voters, the “de do do’ means so much more than a lovely song heard from ibong Adarna. It is a language of doom. No common sense needed. No logic required.

As we leave the airport, my mind still sings;

de do do, de da da.

I just wish that the boy grew up as Jose Rizal expected him to be – the future of our mother land.

de do do, de da da, nagrereklamo ka pero sila pa rin ang ininoboto mo. de do do, de da da, is al i want to say to you.

de do do do, de da da da, they’re meaningless and all that’s true.

de do do do, de da da da, gamitin mo ang yong common sense, di ka na baby is all i want to say to you.


Why did Kaiju, the monster in Pacific Rim poop in Manila?

Kaiju Pooped in Manila - Pacific Rim

Kaiju poopin in Manila.

On Good Friday, March 29,2013, ABS-CBN posted this news – Netizens on Pacific Rim’ photo: Why dirty Manila?

Part of the news says, “A still from Hollywood movie “Pacific Rim” showing a pile of sea monster excrement in Manila has again awakened indignation from Filipinos online, who say filmmakers abroad should stop focusing on the “ugly” side of the Philippines.”

As usual, the Pinoys are always ready to say their piece and defend the mother land, Holy week man o hindi.

As for me, I was only wondering about the reason or reasons why Kaiju poopped in Manila.

So,  what are my thoughts on why Kaiju ‘excremented’ (may ganito bang word? – lol) in Manila?

I could only think of two.

Kaiju drank the polluted water of Manila Bay. Gusto nya ‘OXYGINATED’ or ‘HYDROGENATED’ water. may ganon? lol

Kaiju swallowed MORE thrash than he could imagine. NAIMPATSO.  Although NOT surprised about the chances of swallowing plastic and other trash, Kaiju was amazed at the volume of thrash and by the way Pinoys destroyed Manila Bay and our seas.

Napikon sya kasi hindi nya akalain na sasagutin nya si Manny Villar – Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura? YAK!

He met with some Pinoy politicians and officials.  The pinoy politicians and officials told Kaiju that if he wants to stay in Manila, he must pay them ca$h or in kind (tons of precious metals) through their brokers outside the Philippines. When Kaiju violently refused, the pinoy politicians and officials simply asked for a photo ops. The pinoy politicians and officials thought that being with Kaiju is a the BIGGEST and BEST pogi point  they could ever have. The Pinoy media(s) and those other(s) looking for ‘sensation‘ on Holy week would be all over them and their faces with Kaiju could be seen everywhere. PerPek!

He saw the real faces of the EPALs and the trapos. He could not stomach their ITSURA in the  posters and tarpaulins posted everywhere in the streets of Manila. 

Oh, I am sorry, I thought I had only two.


PHL Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona

How low can he go?

Di ko alam.  Ikaw alam mo ba?

Pansamantala, isasantabi ko muna na  sya ay midnight appointee ni Gloria. Di ko rin gaano pinag-uukulan ng pansin ang kanyang mga properties, pag pabor diumano kay Gloria Arroyo at marami pang iba. Sa ngayon ito ang gusto kong sabihin.

Ngayong tumatakbo na ang Impeachment trial ni CJ Corona, lalong lumilinaw ang ilan sa mga aspeto ng pagkatao ng Chief Justice.

Ang pagkaalam ko, si Justice Corona ay di isang pulitiko at tulad ng sinsasabi nya na dapat ang rule of law ang mangigibababaw. Tama lang di ba?

PERO, kaninang umaga, malinaw na sa akin na sya ay katulad na rin ng mga pulpol na pulitiko natin. Ang takbo ng kanyang pananalita ay lubhang taliwas sa kanyang position. Malamang, napanood at napakinggan din ninyo sya kanina. At ang mga sinabi nya ay madali lang intidihin, di na kailangang dumugo ang ilong at di na rin kailangan pang pag isipan pa.

From ABS-CBN News

He cited 3 who allegedly want him removed from office because of their supposed hidden agendas.

He said the first person wanted to stop the distribution of the Hacienda Luisita to landless farmers in Tarlac. He earlier accused Malacanang, especially the President’s allies at the Liberal Party, of planning his ouster from office after the Supreme Court decided to distribute to the farmers the sugar estate in Tarlac.

He said he is also a roadblock to a person “who really wants to be vice-president but lost in the election in 2010.” He did not name the LP’s vice-presidential bet, Mar Roxas, who lost in 2010 to Jejomar Binay.

Finally, he said he is opposed to a person whose ambition is to become chief justice.

“Sila pong tatlo ang nagsasabwatan para mapatalsik ako sa pwesto,” he said.

Of course, pwedeng sabihin na tao lang si CJ Corona. At bilang tao, tumpak na sabihin na sya ay nasasaktan din at dapat lang na sya ay lumaban at ipagtanggol ang kanyang pagkatao at dignidad.

Wala akong problema doon. Pero dapat nating pansinin, hangga ngayon ay di pa rin sya nag pa file ng leave of absence sa Supreme Court. Ibig sabihin, ang bawat kilos at mga bibitiwan nyang mga salita ay hindi bilang si “Corona” kundi bilang isang SC Chief Justice Corona.

At dahil dyan, karapat-dapat ba o hindi sa isang punong mahistrado na personal maglahad sa publiko ng isang conspiracy theory at mag akusa ng mga tao? Di ba ang mga ganitong pananalita ay sa bibig lang ng isang mamamayan na di tinaguriang Supreme Court Chief Justice na laging binabanggit ang Rule of Law? Di ba dapat ang kayang disposisyon bilang mahistrado ay mas mataas kumpara sa isang tagapag-ulat ng tsismis o katulad ng isang pulpol na pulitiko na kahit ano sasabihin basta nakaharap sa mikropono?

Kaninang umaga din, inisa-isa nya ang mga properties na pag-aari nya. Tama nga siguro, pero di ba, nagrereklamo sya sa ginawa ng prosecutors sa pagsisiwalat ng mga inpormasyong ito? Bakit ganon? Kung sana ipinakita na nya ang kanyang SALN sa publiko eh di sana malinaw na ito.

Di ko tuloy mapigilan na mag isip, meron ba o walang SALN ang Chief Justice? Ano ba ang nandoon at magkano ba talaga ang kanyang Net worth?

Sa bagong telenovelang ito, bagaman umaasa ako na lalong lilinaw ang ilang aspeto sa usaping ito tungkol kay CJ Corona,  paulit-ulit din namang bumabalik sa aking isipan ang mga tanon na ito.

Si CJ Corona ba ay isang pulitiko o isang Chief Justice?

Ang paglalahad ba ng isang conspiracy theory at pag akusa sa ilang mga tao ay kasama sa tinatawag ni CJ Corona na rule of law? Is that how the mind of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court works?

O katulad lang ba talaga sya ng kanyang benefactor na si Gloria Arroyo?

Is this how low the Chief Justice of the Philippines can go? O mas bababa pa sa pag usad ng impeachment trial?

Abangan sa susunod na kabanta.

Note:  Kung naguluhan ka sa sinasabi ko dito, pasensya na pero salamat kasi umabot ka dito, sa dulo.

We Are The ‘Fuckiest’ News Ever

Messy Wires


I have some news for you. A kind of fuc**ed news actually. He he he.

No,  this is not about our airport  that  sucks  (you knew that already, right?). This is perhaps one of the reasons why our airport is the worst of  ’em all in 2011.’  Please continue reading.

From Transparency International:

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 180 countries and territories. A composite index, the CPI is based on 13 different expert and business surveys.

CPI Facts

The CPI measures perceptions of public sector corruption

The CPI is not intended to measure a country’s progress over time. It is a snapshot of perceptions of corruption, using data published in the past two years

The CPI is a survey of surveys, of experts and business persons, based both in the country and abroad.

Okay, what’s the fuc**d news then?

For  the year 2009,  the Corruption Perception Index says we were at 139th place along with Pakistan, Belarus and Bangladesh

For the year 2010, congratulations, we have had some kind of improvement compared to 2009’s rank. That seemed great but not that great because we are still or almost at the bottom at 134th. OMFG!.

I know.

Some people would say “at least” and so I say WTF! Butt, if that really is the case, then allow me to say something more stupid than “at least“. he he he

To countries like Bangladesh, Belarus and Pakistan who we shared the same wonderful spot, hello and how do you do? We are what we are.  Right?

To countries below us most notably Russia at 154, you are giving us some kind of pride. Thank you.

To countries that are on top of us and whose corruption perception index is much better than us like Uganda at 127th,  how come you did not join us? Teach us.

To countries like Mozambique, Tanzania and Vietnam at 116th,  you are really giving us shame. Do we really deserve it?

I could go on saying something more stupid than “at least” but that won’t do or change anything. It is what it is.

So, let me just guess.

I guess, some people would say that these reports may not be that accurate but then, even if we are half crazy,  can we and those “some people,”  say that we are better than Singapore and that we should also be in that number ONE spot?

The hell, no! Right?

But of course you or the  “some people” would say that it is stupid to compare us with Singapore but that basically is the point. We and the “some people” are part of the more than 90 million people who the crooks are screwing (up or down, or in whatever positions they love doing it) and toying around for the longest time but for some strange reason, have not done anything significant except telling ourselves that we have democracy and that we practice it with so much passion — we cast our votes and we kill each other before electing the same people fucking us, all the time. That’s passion!

Then after that, we let them have their passion. Greed!

And yet, we still ask why?  But really, we know why we are fucked despite the fact that we have almost everything from human resources that the government and other people love to fuck, to natural resources that most of us care to abuse along with the government and others who love to fuck it as well.

The ‘fuckiest’ thing about this is that we have so much to say about this and that and them, just like me, but we seldom walk the talk. We only exercise our mouth,  not our whole body to kick them out.

Oh well you and ‘some people could say that we did naman the walk and the talk. Remember we have had (teka have ba o had ang tama?) EDSA 1, EDSA 2, EDSA 3 (ha! may bagong gawa bang EDSA? o ang ibig mong sabihin na wan-to-three tayo sa EDSA? kasi, kung totoo yon, sana di na nakabalik karamihan sa kanila ). And then we voted for the tuwid na daan.  (you mean, the road to where balut is made?)

Okay! And so, … wat?

And so, as always, we are fucked.

And we seem to enjoy it, all the way.

Need I say more?

Yes! We are the ‘fuckiest’ news, ever. Gets?

Earth Hour 2011: At 8:30 P.M., Tonight, I Will

I’ll celebrate with you.
I’ll turn off the light.
For an hour or so
You and I,
Will do it again together
Just like the way we’ve done it
Many nights before.
In the dark, with a lamp or just a candlelight
We will reconnect and experience
The simple joys we have long ignored.
Feel the air that touches us.
See the moon or the stars that shine above us.
Watch the moths bask in that same candlelight.
Perhaps snap and scratch just a little lit
As mosquito bites and sucks or sips our blood.
And knowing that we can share and do it for an hour
And still be, in every seconds of that 60 minutes
Its simplicity,  maybe a magical moment for the rest of us
We will,

March 26, 2011, Tonight @ 8:30 till 9:30, You and I will.
Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 2011, I will!

Choose the best asshole that serves your purpose

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the law.” ~ Cornelius Tacitus

Forget about the quote above. This post is supposedly about that but then I lost the idea, thus I changed the content. The whole post just doesn’t connect. However, the quote itself is good, right?

Shame on you!

The title of this post was actually “Vote wisely” but then I thought it was kind of redundant, perhaps useless, because I firmly believe that nobody even cares what “voting wisely” means for the simple reason that we Pinoys, the majority of the citizens of this beloved country named Philippines, have been electing assholes in government for the longest time. We Pinoys simply and amazingly do not learn. For the majority of us Pinoys, “Voting wisely” is just a term that equates to “Vote for my Idol,” “Vote for the Popular,” “Vote for the Good Political Ads” and whatever, but never a vote for the right guy for the right reason.

I might be wrong in saying that most Pinoys did not vote for the right guy for the right reason, neither do I have the right answer as to why nor do I know the right formula as to how Pinoys must vote. Do you?

Read more…

Day of mourning today, really?

I am declaring a day of mourning for the victims of the mass murder in Mindanao,” so said Gloria Arroyo.

I am outraged as everyone is at this crime. It is a travesty of our pledge to uphold the basic humanity of every Filipino,” so said Gloria Arroyo.

What was it? A pathetic response on on the most gruesome event and barbaric acts.

Since the likes of you assumed power, there is no despicable person or group of persons so long as these guys deliver what you want, what you need, and what you wish to stay in power. Such is your world, transactional and based on patronage.  Such is the culture you nurture, a culture of impunity.

Ask the mothers, the fathers, the kids and the families of those human rights victims under your administration. They would tell you that they have been mourning ever since their sons, daughters and parents disappeared or killed. They will mourn until that day their lives on this earth shall come to an end too.

Ask the million impoverished Filipinos who day by day have to live a life lesser that a rat while you, your cohorts and the likes of you live a life of plenty. They may not care much about Joc-joc Bolante and the likes of him that you keep and protect but for sure, they know, they are half dead.

Commitment [to] human rights and human dignity shall prevail in the Philippines,” so said Gloria Arroyo.  TALAGA PO? Really? I heard that many times before. Words, words, words;  they are all words and as always, they are plenty, cheap and meaningless.

Day of mourning today? Millions of Pinoys have been mourning everyday Madam President ever since the likes of you sit there, do shit and talk non-sense.